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Rules and conditions of using the voting server VotesForYou.com
Respecting the below mentioned Rules is obligatory for everyone who wants to vote here. We recommend to every Voter to get thoroughly acquainted with these Rules.
1. The Operator reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the contest voting entry, not to publish it at all or to remove it from the offer without being substituted if it is in contradiction to the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, voting conditions or good manners.
2. The Operator does not bear any responsibility for the misuse of the Voter´s personal data open to the public or obtained illegally through a Third Party´s infiltration into the website system. The User agrees with an anonymous usage of his registration and statistical data by the Operator.
3. The Operator is not responsible for the VotesForYou.com Users´ activities or for the way of their voting. Also he bears no responsibility for the Users´ or the Third Party´s misuse of the server services.
4. The Operator does not bear any responsibility for any damage which the User or the Third Parties might suffer directly, indirectly or incidentally due to or in connection with using the voting.
5. The Voter guarantees that the Third Parties´ rights are in no way harmed by the content or the photos attached to his voting. The Operator is not liable for any Voter´s interventions into the Third Parties´ rights.
6. In case the Voter attaches to his contest entry a photo of which he is the author, he, at the moment of inserting the entry into the server or in the frame of a mobile application, gives the Operator the right for a free of charge non-exclusive license to use such a photo, namely for the time of publishing the voting on the server or in the frame of the mobile application, and to the forms of its using in accordance with the purpose of the Server and /or of the  mobile application and in accordance with these conditions.
7. The Operator is entitled, without prior notice and without the User´s consent, to modify or innovate the services of the Server.
8. On our web pages there are being displayed advertisings provided by the third party´s advertising companies. These companies may use data (however, not the name, address, e-mail address or the telephone number) of your visits of these or other web pages for providing advertisements of goods and services of your interest.
9. The Voter confirms having been acquainted with the fact that all the pictorial and text material for voting the VotesForYou.com that he decided to visit is protected by copyright. Any spread of the content or of its part without prior Operator´s written consent is explicitly forbidden.
10. Politeness and respecting the laws and other regulations are the matter of course – please avoid offensive statements, handling of personal disputes and all other things that are in contradiction with the general decency and legal code of the Czech Republic.
11. These Conditions come into force and effectiveness at the moment of their publishing. The Operator reserves the right for changing the Conditions.


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