Lann Hornscheidt

Lann Hornscheidt
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  • Description: Lann Hornscheidt (born 1965 in Velbert, West Germany) is a German academic active in the fields of gender studies and linguistics. Hornscheidt is non-binary.
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Who do you like the most from the gender of people who have publicly admitted to a gender other than the traditional male, female. Vote in our poll or enter a person in our contest.
“There are a lot of people for whom this news means nothing, but for others it will mean the world,” Brielle Harrison, Facebook Software Engineer, 2014

What is Gender?

You hear these words more and more often, you must have heard about it before. Someone makes fun of it, someone misunderstood it, so it is better to keep explaining, because this concept will not disappear, on the contrary, we think that it will be talked about more and more often.
Almost in every questionnaire, whether you go to work or when you fill out insurance, etc.  you will come across the gender column. Yes, you must have already ticked it many times, you simply wrote either that you are a woman or a man. Maybe you haven't even thought about it, but there are more and more people who don't feel like they are a man or a woman, who don't want this division, this division discriminates against them. And there are so many of these people that times have changed, even so much so that, compared to the original two sexes, today we differ by something like seventy. For example, an American Facebook already offers it, and more and more companies and countries are joining. And soon it will probably be everywhere.
What is gender simply? An unknown word just a few years ago, today it is increasingly used. Gender means sex, but otherwise, the concept is deeper than just biological. It is about culturally created differences between the basic sexes, i.e. men and women. Unlike the concept of sex, which is understood exclusively in a biological sense, the word gender refers to the cultural characteristics and models assigned to male or female biological sex and refers to social differences between women and men. Simply, the concept of Gender is  used to denote personal identity and social role in society.

Gender identity

It has been known for a long time that there is no biological criterion that would allow one to indisputably classify a person only  and only into two categories, i.e. according to physical gender -  male or female. Already in the 1950s, psychologist John Money's team studied people born with unusual combinations of sex characteristics (with ovaries and penis, testicles and vagina, two X chromosomes and a scrotum, etc.) Are these scum or multi-layered models of sexual development?

Binary - non-binary

Non-binary, also genderqueer (GQ) or gender diverse/expansive, is a category for gender identities that are neither exclusively male nor female, and thus stand outside the gender binary. Non-binary people may have a gender orientation other than straight, gay, or bisexual. They can have a gender neutral orientation, or they can be gender fluid.
A binary person is someone who does not want or cannot identify with the generally valid view of who is male and who is female. Some feel neither male nor female, some feel both, some feel more like the opposite sex, there are many variants.

Gender gender

Man and woman is simply a stereotype and this traditional and discriminatory division  and images and descriptions of a typically masculine man and a feminine woman are a holdover from modern people and societies. There is a departure from these stereotypes, gender already  is not so important and a woman does not have to be a woman, as a man is a man.

Gender - species list of divisions

Basic division of gender variants:
•    Agender/Neutrois — do not identify with the concept of gender identity at all
•    Androgyne/Androgynous — have both male and female sexual characteristics and define themselves as a third gender
•    Bigender — they alternate identification between male and female, unlike the androgynous type who experiences both at the same time
•    Cis/Cisgender — the opposite of Transgender, i.e. people with the same gender they were born with, 99% of the population
•    Female to Male/FTM — a person in transition from female to male
•    Gender Fluid — time-varying self-expression preferences
•    Gender Nonconforming/Variant — a broader category for those who do not want to identify with the roles expected of their gender identity by the surrounding environment
•    Gender Questioning — for those who are still searching
•    Genderqueer — a general category for non-conforming gender identification, most items on this entire list fit here
•    Intersex — a person born with genitals that are neither male nor female, the term replaced the term "hermaphrodite"
•    Male to Female/MTF — a person in transition from male to female
•    Neither — translate it as "I feel neither male nor female. And period”
•    Non-binary — these people reject the division into female/male roles, they perceive gender as a wider complex of factors
•    Other — can mean anything, including "none of your business with my sexual identity"
•    Pangender — similar to "androgynous" but slightly broader, can be defined as including all possible genders
•    Trans/Transgender — a broader category including those who feel they are a different gender than the one they were born with; may or may not undergo hormonal or surgical gender reassignment
•    Transsexual — those who outwardly appear as members of the opposite sex than the one they were born with; mostly undergo hormonal or surgical sex change
•    Two-spirit — the term refers to Native Americans, i.e. Indians; in more than 150 tribes, there was a respected gender category of a person with "two souls", male and female.