The Most Important People in the world

The Most Important People in the world in 2022? You can vote for your best in your country or another country. The best is the one with the most points.
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The most important personalities of the world

The world, individual countries have distinctive human personalities. People who have done something, something great, something that other people have appreciated, something for the world or just for their country. A lot of people look up to these persons, they are talked about, their name is known in the world, or just in their country, in all cases inflected, these people stand out. I'm sure you know some. Celebrities in the world, celebrities in their country, celebrities in their region, and maybe even in their family.

World figures

Above are the personalities that people around the world vote for. In their own country or in other countries. You will surely find among them those who you also think are celebrities. And if you think so, please give them your vote. Surely they deserve it, don't they? When you click on a country's personality, you will be taken to the portal for that country. There you can vote further. The status is the same as in your country's language, so you'll be familiar with it.

World's biggest personalities

There are many polls, votes, competitions where they determine the most important personalities in the world, but here it is different. In our country, the whole world decides. All you have to do is click and anyone in the world can do it, just like you. That's why you think it's fair and real here. The real opinion of the whole world.

  • Coco55
    According to the internet search program, Jesus Christ is the most important person in the world in the whole of human history. In second place is the French general and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte, and the proud owner of the third place is again the founder and first organizer of Islam, Mohamed. Fourth in the list is English writer and playwright William Shakespeare, followed by US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Seventh place, in turn, belongs to Nazi leader Adolf ...
  • Jim
    The personalities of the world are, above all, role models. Vory for many people what can be proven. What good can be accomplished and inspire them to follow a similar path. Of course, not everyone can be a real personality. It takes diligence, talent and even a lot of luck. Someone is a personality only because of what he is, someone because of what he can do, another only because of what he has done in life, sometimes the truth is only enough. In any case, we should cherish our personalities, build ...