The most beautiful child in the world

The most beautiful child in the world in 2022? You can vote for the best in your country or in another country. The best is the one that has the most points.
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The most beautiful child in the world

Babies, globally babies are the most beautiful in the world. Especially for their parents. The most beautiful thing about children is their innocence, fragility, cuteness, clumsiness. They are beautiful... And as they grow older, that beauty goes away, or changes...

The most beautiful children in the world

sometimes Mother Nature casts a spell and conjures up a truly beautiful baby. Cuter than the rest. So why not show it off? The beauty will soon pass, just like a flower.

Top 100 most beautiful babies

Here are the most beautiful children in the world. Always the most beautiful child in a different country, at least you can evaluate in which country they have children.

  • Coo
    Children are beautiful, innocent, cute, the continuation of our blood and genes. Not yet corrupted by humanity... It's nice to capture these moments before they disappear completely...