The worst people in the world

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The worst people in the world

Every country and the world has the best people, and of course, by logic, they have their counterparts. The worst people. Just as the Oscar competition has a golden raspberry, for the worst film achievements, so our competition has a category of "worst people." And oddly enough, there are plenty of worst people. From thieves, cheats, liars, politicians, murderers, rapists to real human monsters, dictators.

The worst people in the world

Anyone in the world can vote on who is the worst of one country or another every 24 hours. There is no prize for winning the worst person. Rather, if he is still alive, he should reflect on himself. But these people have no conscience; on the contrary, it will be "pleasant" for them to be the best or worst at something. For disturbed individuals it doesn't matter. You can find out who the worst people in the world are from the results above.

Top 100 worst people in the world

The worst people in the world, people who have done something wrong. They lie, they steal, they cheat, they kill, they make a lot of people suffer, just people who do harm or have done harm, so above you have their list. Get involved too, the more people you list, the more comprehensive the list will be and based on the real opinion of our entire planet. Thanks.

  • Jimbo
    Were they monsters, or are they already defined... I fear the new monsters that will come after us... Humanity is naive and stupid and will never stop them in time... that's why only men 25-55 years of age, and at least a university degree, should vote... Otherwise the freaks will still be here with us, voting for a whole herd of morons.
  • T90
    Yuck, all human monsters and poor people... :eek: